Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Mum is Amazing!

I took this photo of my Mum painting at an on-location watercolor session of the Lakes Area Art Guild last summer.

My mum is a constant source of inspiration to me. As an artist and a writer, she continues to push her own boundaries, to experiment, to venture out of her comfort zone, to allow herself to make mistakes and learn from them. She is bold; she takes chances.

By example, she encourages me to do the same.
I need to leave the excuses behind, to attempt new techniques, and embrace new materials, to allow myself to fail...and to succeed.

Okay, you see this painting on the right? The photo she is working from is of a greenhouse. It depicts the many-paned glass wall filled with dozens of glass bottles, vases, etc. Light is being reflected off a myriad of surfaces.

Did I mention that she doesn't like angles or geometry? But she was determined to learn more about painting light, glass, and reflections. The fact that she would attempt this daunting subject is impressive to me, and not only did she attempt it, but she completed the painting beautifully. May I develop just a smidgeon of that kind of determination and desire to push myself.

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  1. What a wonderful posting Marcy!!! Aren't our mom's amazing ... I know I can't keep up with mine!!!