Thursday, November 12, 2009

Uncle Jason Makes a Card

I just have to share this card with you that my big brother, Jason, made for Shannon for her birthday! Thanks to Boomerang, Shannon and Jason share a love of the Pink Panther. He just cracks them up. So Jason decided to make her a Pink Panther card...himself...with no help from his papercrafting wife.

He borrowed some stamps, ink, and pink paper from Aunt Megan. Then he went online in search of an image, he found the perfect one, then remembered a photo they had taken of Shannon at a pajama party at their house. Could he have found a better match? :)

I love that there are streaks of ink and letters stamped backwards on it. The "Huh!? What!?" sentiment on the front is a funny saying that Jason and Shannon have shared practically since Shannon could talk, and it always is accompanied by the silly pose in the card. Shannon adores it, and it has a place of honor on the cork board above her bed.

It just goes to show that making a "perfect" card isn't about how technically perfect it is; it's about how perfect it is for the person getting it! :)


  1. Way to go, Uncle Jason! What a perfect card for your girl! My husband has made the attempt at cardmaking a couple of's the thought that counts, right?!

  2. I agree with Julie ... Way to Go Uncle Jason!! This is too cute and PERFECT!! I'm just impressed that he would even think to make a card! How awesome is that!! This is certainly a "treasure"!