Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall Photos

Every fall, Rich and I do a photo shoot in the park with the kids - a tradition we started when Shannon was just a year old. Unfortunately, I had to bow out this year as I hurt my heel pretty badly yesterday and had to stay off my feet today. Rich still got some great pics, though. Bless him and his never-ending patience!

I spent the day on the couch reading, knitting, and watching TV, so I don't have any crafty goodness to show you (the knitting projects are Christmas gifts - hush, hush, you know!) Hopefully, these cute pictures of my adorable kids will help make up for my lack of craftiness this weekend. ;)


  1. Oh my gosh ... these photos are awesome and your DH did a wonderful job! How cute the kids are ... you must be so proud!! Enjoy them ... you know they'll grow so fast!!

    Hope you're not off your feet for long ... heal quickly my friend!!

  2. Your babies are so beautiful, Marcy! Such lovely photos--what great memories they'll be...except for you and your heel! Are you okay? So sorry you're hurting! Take very good care of yourself--wish I could bring you dinner tomorrow!

  3. OMG....these are just too darn cute! What gorgeous kiddos .
    Have fun with your Christmas projects and Hope your feeling better by now.