Saturday, August 8, 2009

Porch Progress

Rather than make a post for every step along the way I thought I'd show the progression of our porch so far in one post.

My hubby has been doing a fantastic job building our new front porch. Did I ever mention that he designed it as well? As he says, "Not bad for a writer, huh?"

See that gap in the roof? People like to pull over off the street and tell us that part of our roof is missing. I think they're worried that we missed a part - lol! No, that's where the skylight dormer is going to be.

Yesterday Rich built the front steps, and today (as long as the weather holds) he'll install the railings. Maybe Ronan will help out again.


  1. FAntastic ... you guys are making wonderful progress! How funny that people actually think you'd forget the middle of the porch roof!! Thanks for sharing ... I'm enjoying the journey and can't wait to see the finished product (as I'm sure you are too)LOL.

  2. Looks great, Marce! What an unexpected blessing that Rich has the time to do this project! Looks like the kids are having fun! Missed you guys at the boys party...I'll be posting pictures soon!

  3. Marcy! I finally made it to your blog! I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!!!!!! I always wanted an old house--don't have one yet, but maybe someday! Your porch is going to be fabulous!