Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Take Time

It's good advice; isn't it? Take time. Now, I know some of you are groaning right now. You're thinking, "Well, if only I had some time to begin with...." A wise professor once told our class that time is the great equalizer. Regardless of any other circumstances, we all have 24 hours in a day, and what we choose to do with that 24 hours is up to us. This thought may be somewhat idealistic, but it's certainly worth pondering.

For me, as a work-at-home mum to two young children and a wife to a crazy-busy husband , to take time seems impossible most days. There's a frenetic pace that sets in motion as soon as one pair of little feet hit the floor in the morning. Inertia propels us through a day of we have to do this, and I have to do that, until we all get a bit dizzy and nauseous from the motion. There's a drive to do more, be more, achieve more, and usually what follows is a disappointment at all that didn't get done.

Our family's cure for this motion sickness? Slow down, or stop and get off the ride altogether. We take a walk, play in the yard, color a picture, read a book, go for a drive together...any number of things to stop the crazy "have to" cycle.

Sometimes we even do things by ourselves. Gasp! I know you mums are shaking your heads right now. Taking time to do things alone seems so selfish when there are people who need us to do things for them, who count on us. But guess what? It's okay. Because when we take time for ourselves, those people who we think need us at all times learn all kinds of cool things.

Stuff like:
*Mum's way isn't the only right way. (That's a good one for us too.)
*Practice good habits. (If Mum is taking the time to pray, study the Bible, exercise, keep in touch with friends and family, and relax then these things must be important.)
*It's okay to have a hobby of our very own.

See, it's all good! So go forth and take a little time soon.

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