Monday, July 21, 2014

New Craft Room Shelves & Clear Stamp Storage!

I scored some new shelving for my craft room at a yard sale.  Ten bucks and ten minutes of installation later and voila!

The shelves originally were from IKEA, the Benno line, I believe.  (Loving my new Evolution Advanced, btw!)

I've also been revamping my clear & cling stamp storage ala Jennifer McGuire.


I picked up the bins at Michaels at 40% off and another 25% off my entire purchase, so they ended up being about $4 each.  I also bought four of them, which is more than I need right now, but it will give my collection room to grow.  Instead of buying the Avery Elle storage pockets, I purchased my heavy duty storage bags on Etsy for about a fourth of the price of the AE ones.

This system is just fantastic!  Not having to store plastic cases and boxes has cleared up so much space in the rest of my room.  I love being able to flip through my stamps, and I have them sorted in the same category order as my Scrap Rack set up, so it's easy peasy to find the ones I need.

Thanks for stopping by & sharing my organizational joy!


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