Monday, April 28, 2014

New Seats for My Craft Room Chairs

Yesterday I spent part of the afternoon recovering the seats on two of my four craft room chairs.  My craft room table & chairs are an old vintage metal patio dining set that I dearly love. Now I love them even more! I used laminated cotton that I purchased from oilcraftaddict on Etsy, so they will be easy to clean. 

The hardest part of the project was removing the old vinyl and staples.  Once I got the seats stripped down to the wooden bases, I found that they were still in good shape. (Whew!) I replaced the foam pads, wrapped cotton batting around the pad and the base, and staple the batting to the base.  Then I cut the fabric to size, laid the base on the back side of the fabric, and pulled it tight while I stapled the sides.  The corners were tricky, but I think I'll have it down by the time I get to the fourth chair. 

I really like the happy, striped fabric, and it pulls everything together: the yellow desk, tables, and chairs, the blue paint on the walls, the white shelving, and red accents that I have throughout the room.  Two down, two to go!

Before & After

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