Saturday, December 12, 2009

Out of Finals and Into the Fire

Rich is finally (Get it? Finally?) done with finals for this semester. He says that PhD stands for "Pile it Higher and Deeper" - no kidding! What a rough past couple of weeks! I think I should get an honorary degree just for being married to a PhD candidate!

So now we're out of finals and into the fire, or should I say whirlwind, of Christmas activities. There are concerts (Rich plays drums with an orchestral and choral group), Christmas programs (school, church, acrobats), Christmas parties (school, church, Brownies, friends). Sometimes it's hard to remember to relax and breathe, to remember the birth and sacrifice of our Savior, and not get tripped up in the trappings of the season.

That's when I like to stare at the lights and think about the Light of the World.

Praying that you'll have time for some reflection during this busy, blessed season.

Love to you all!

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  1. What a beautiful photograph and post!! Congrats to Rich (and you) for getting this far! Hang in there ... it will be all worth it in the future!! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas season my friend ... now sit back, have a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the family time.